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9 Hole Walk On Open - Mix
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Johnny's Seat

The 1st and 10th holes
 210yds SI 1/2

This is one of the world's most famous opening holes! The road runs along the left hand side, Loch Carron runs along the right hand side and the burn tumbles off the hillside from left to right across the fairway waiting for any loose shots.

If you can manage a par here you are off to a great start. Good luck!


The 2nd & 11th holes 292yds
par 4 SI 5/10

The lochside on your right, the road along your left and a difficult green to hold the ball on make this a hole to play with care and caution.


The Hollow

The 3rd & 12th holes 226yds
par 4 SI 17/18.

Coming back from the second green you are once again faced with the lochside and road. A good birdie opportunity as long as you can read the green correctly (the web designer had a hole in one here).

The Doctor

The 4th & 13th holes 160yds par 3 SI 7/8

Look left and look right before playing across the road to this hole and do not be short.

Flying Ant

The 5th and 14th holes 144yds par 3 SI 11/16

A hole to be cautious on as the woods at the back of the green are out of bounds.


The 6th & 15th holes 171yds par 3 SI 3/4

The road runs alongside so do not be too far left and, behind the green, the churchyard is out of bounds.

The Hump

The 7th hole 123yds par 3 SI 9

The Ditch

The 16th hole 112yds par 3 SI 12

Trying to hold on this green is very difficult especially in the summer months. Trying to read your putt is even more testing.



The 8th hole 280yds par 4 SI 15


The 17th hole 310yds par 4 SI 14


This is a slight dog-leg and it is better to stay left off
the tee to open up the hole for your second shot.



The 9th hole 176yds par 3 SI 13     


The 18th hole 198yds par 3 SI 6

Out of bounds both in the churchyard and behind the hole so be careful.

We hope you have enjoyed the tour of our course. Now come and play it for real. You are guaranteed a warm welcome and a great test of golf. The scenery is stunning  and worth the walk no matter what score you make.